Location: SunFarmer head office in Shankhamul, Kathmandu, Nepal

About SunFarmer: SunFarmer Nepal Pvt. Ltd. builds world-class solar energy systems for hospitals, schools, businesses, and farms in Nepal. We specialize in introducing innovative solar technology and business models in Nepal; we pride ourselves on doing what has never been accomplished before! Since January 2014, we have completed over 150 solar energy projects in Nepal.

SunFarmer Nepal has a small team that consists of some of the leading solar engineers in Nepal. We are motivated by our desire to bring clean, reliable energy to Nepal. Our office is fast-paced and high performing, but we also like to have fun together.

SunFarmer’s head office is in New York, USA and was started by experienced solar energy experts that have led over $1 billion USD in solar energy installations. We have connections to leading solar energy companies around the world, and our plan is to eventually replicate our work in Nepal in other developing countries.

Duties & Responsibilities: We are looking for a Director of Finance to develop and implement a comprehensive financial MIS and accounting system and be responsible for day to day management of accounting and finance functions at SunFarmer Nepal.

The Director of Finance will report to and work closely with the CEO of SunFarmer Nepal.

Key Activities:

  1. Project & Company Financial Forecasting – Develop, build, own, and maintain financial models, budgets, and other financial planning tools.

    • Build and maintain dynamic financial model to forecast company’s sales, company position, financing needs, etc.

    • Perform financial analyses (e.g. cost-benefit, sensitivity) to inform strategic company decisions

    • Propose and track financial performance indicators

    • Assist in the planning and budgeting for the project programs, taking the lead role in the financial plan and budgets and ensuring that the assumptions, parameters, guidelines and policies in planning are complied

  • Deliver a workshop to the full team on proposed system and seek feedback.

  • Finalize and implement the new system, refine and firm up.

  • Deliver weekly accounts reports and monthly MIS reports to CEO.

  • Responsible for training of incumbent accounts team.

Accounting – Responsible for the accuracy of all receipt, pmt, & journal vouchers, and for maintaining a tightly organized and efficient bookkeeping system with all supporting docs

  • Check receipts, payment, journal vouchers and supporting documents (bills, invoices, receipts etc.) to ensure all transactions are backed by required documents, approvals and are correct.  

  • Verify transactions are posted accurately under accounting heads both in hard copy and in the system and correctly entered in receipt, payment and journal vouchers as stipulated by the Chart of Accounts.

  • Review bank reconciliation statements and ensure they are completed in-time every month.

  • Verify petty cash transactions and reconciliation statements.

  • Review financial statements regularly i.e. monthly income and expenditure statements and Balance Sheets.

  • Complete annual adjustment of accounts at the end of the financial year and annual financial statements including depreciation and tax calculations, adjustment of pending transactions, creditors and debtors lists etc.

  • Prepare Statement of Income and Expenditure, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet at the end of the year.

Reporting – Prepare and deliver clear, accurate reports to the CEO and Board of SunFarmer Nepal.

    • Prepare annual adjustment of accounts at the end of the financial year in order to prepare the annual final financial statements e.g. calculation of depreciation, adjustment of other pending accounting transactions.

    • Prepare the Statement of Income and Expenditure, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet at the end of the year.

    • Manage the auditing process (select external auditing firm, provide them with necessary materials to complete audit, ensure they meet deadlines etc.)

  • Cash Management – Manages liquid cash balances of the company. Identifies opportunities for short-term investing to maximize returns on liquid assets.

  • Legal – Responsible for ensuring that SunFarmer Nepal remains in legal compliance with all Nepali law

    • Review of the legal compliance on accounting transactions.

    • Review of the legal compliance of tax matters.

Must Have Characteristics:

  • Proactive – You don’t wait to be told what to do, you identify what needs to happen and proactively propose and complete projects.

  • Attention to Detail – Nothing gets past you, you find and correct errors before they cause problems.

  • Integrity – Successful candidate will be someone with the utmost professional and ethical integrity.

  • Passion – You are joining a dynamic startup that uses to solar to revolutionize how Nepalese use energy. We want someone who is as excited by our mission as we are!

Education: The person shall hold a Masters degree in Business from a leading university, and have excellent writing, communication and presentation skills (both in English and Nepali).

Other requirements:

  • AT LEAST 3 years of professional experience in similar position and experience working with foreign investment company

  • Must have ability to quickly build relationships with customers and team

  • Must have both strong analytical and communication skills. Should be highly detail oriented and organized

Why apply? This role is an exceptional opportunity to be at the forefront of bringing solar energy to Nepal, with SunFarmer’s industry-leading and growing team. Come join us!