To power critical infrastructure in the developing world with affordable and reliable solar.


1.2 billion people lack access to electricity. In countries like Nepal, 70% of the population technically has access, but nearly 100% are susceptible to frequent power outages that often last up to 17 hours every day.

Electricity is fundamental to improving quality of life:



Surgical equipment, vaccine refrigerators, sterilization, lab tests


Computers and internet for connectivity, lights for evening classes and studying


Electric pumps to efficiently irrigate fields, process crops



We believe that donations cannot scale to reach the 1.2 billion people who lack access to electricity. Strong local capacity and sustainable business models are key to solving energy poverty.

SunFarmer is a U.S. and Canadian non-profit that launches locally-run solar companies in developing countries. We identify the right solar technologies and the best solar financing models for a given market. The local companies build solar energy systems for large, complex customers--hospitals, schools, farms, and businesses. We currently re-invest any profits in-country; eventually we will use a portion of profits to offset costs of US and Canadian non-profit.




Nepal is our first country of focus, where we have already completed over 100 solar projects for health facilities, schools, farms, and community centers. SunFarmer Nepal is a pioneer in the field - offering the first financing options for solar powered irrigation, introducing a modular solar design that grows with a customer’s energy needs, and partnering with the government to pilot low-cost solar monitoring technology. SunFarmer Nepal is on track to achieve financial sustainability this year, and will serve as the model for our replication in future markets.

Learn more about SunFarmer Nepal here.