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  • Energy Transforms

    Energy transforms the delivery of healthcare, clean water, education, and other essential services.

  • Energy Enables

    How do you store vaccines without energy? Sterilize equipment? Perform lab tests or surgery? Even the most basic healthcare requires reliable energy.

  • Join a Global Movement

    Your donation goes directly to pay for solar installations at hospitals, schools, and other critical institutions in rural and remote areas.

Our Mission

To provide hospitals, schools, and other critical services organizations in impoverished and rural areas with access to reliable and renewable energy.

In many parts of the world, electricity is unavailable, unstable, or extremely expensive. In addition, many traditional energy sources are highly polluting for the environment. Lack of access to electricity prevents access to high quality healthcare, education, and other services that are fundamental to alleviation of poverty and improved quality of life.

With your help, we hope to enable healthcare, education, and other critical services through solar energy.

SunFarmer is a nonprofit that provides the capital and technical expertise needed to bring solar energy to hospitals, schools, and other institutions that lack reliable energy. Perhaps most important, we also provide the monitoring and maintenance support to ensure the system performs over the long-term.

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Tracking every dollar

It is important for us to prove that rural solar can be high-impact and low risk. To do so, we track every dollar provided to us.

Over the coming months will be making updates to our site to allow you to track your donation, its impact, and the lives you have changed.

Provide funds to deliver reliable and renewable energy to communities.

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SunFarmer is creating an innovative “rent to own” financing model for solar energy. We believe that by providing affordable financing, appropriate technology, encouraging ownership, and sticking around to make sure the system works are fundamental to sustainable energy access solutions.

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