Achham Health Posts

Achham is one of the most remote district of Nepal where Possible health is supporting the operations of 13 health posts. SunFarmer is working with Possible Health to install 2 kWp solar at health posts across Achham. Solar is one of the main sources of electricity for most of these health posts.

A patient gets an ultrasound at Lungra Health Clinic.

A patient gets an ultrasound at Lungra Health Clinic.

Lungra Health Clinic
Lungra Health Clinic was the first official SunFarmer solar installation. Travel from Lungra to the regional Bayalpata Hospital requires a 2 hour off-road drive or a 4 hour walk (no public transportation available).3

We held a meeting with 35 community members and formed a 5-person "Solar Task Force Committee" to manage the maintenance of the solar installation.

"Previously, delivery was difficult using flashlights held in the mouth, as they could neither see clearly nor could give instructions. On various incidents while giving instructions the flashlight broke as it fell out of the mouth. Due to poor lighting there were many cases where the amniotic fluid was all over their bodies."

– Lungra Health Clinic Director