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Powering critical infrastructure in the developing world with affordable and reliable solar.


The Challenge

1.2 billion people globally lack access to electricity. In countries like Nepal, 70% of the population technically has access, but nearly 100% are susceptible to frequent power outages that often last up to 17 hours every day.


Powering health, education, and agriculture with solar.


Our Model

We look for talented entrepreneurs who want to start a solar venture.

Solar entrepreneurs are the drivers of the clean energy revolution in the developing world – we provide them with the technical, business, and financial support they need in order to succeed.

Our Future

SunFarmer believes that local entrepreneurs have the potential to build solar energy companies that will have a meaningful, long-term impact on their countries.

But starting a solar energy business is not easy. SunFarmer’s mission is to help local entrepreneurs start successful solar energy businesses. We select a founding team of entrepreneurs, work with them to intensively research and understand their customer segment, launch a solar business with them, and continue providing support as the company grows.

We have the resources and expertise to bring companies from seed stage to profitability in 24-36 months, and a network of technical and financial experts to support along the way. Our first company, SunFarmer Nepal, launched in January 2014 and has completed solar energy installations at 200 buildings used by over 100,000 people.



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