Off–grid solar PV system is a standalone power system that uses battery to store energy and provide electricity when sun is down. We provide off-grid systems to industries and hospitals to power critical loads. Also, for rural households, health-posts and school which are inaccessible to grid, we provide off-grid solution as a standalone power supply system.




An on-grid solar solution is a battery-less system connected to the utility grid that allows consumers to use electricity from solar during day and from the grid at night. A bi-directional net-meter sends the excess electricity generated by solar back into the grid so our consumers only have to pay for the electricity balance at the end of the month.



Solar water pump

We provide solar water pumping solution for both irrigation and drinking water. Solar water pumps are an efficient and a clean way to supply water to locations that are beyond the reach of power lines.  It can replace the current diesel pump systems and result in both socio-economic as well as climate benefits.