Irrigation is a critical driver of agricultural productivity. But in order to irrigate, farmers need electricity to pump water.

Why Solar

No Power for Irrigation

Many Nepali farmers lack access to electricity, and those that have access experience frequent power cuts. As a result, they are unable to power water pumps to irrigate crops, particularly high value vegetables, for the 8 to 9 months of the year when there is no rain. 

Diesel fuel powers irrigation, but it is dirty and expensive

Some farmers use diesel generators to power water pumps. But diesel fuel is expensive and fuel deliveries are unreliable in rural areas. Solar is cheaper in the long run, but the upfront cost is often too high.

Solar water pumps are clean and cost-effective

Our irrigation model allows farmers to pay for solar energy in affordable monthly installments. Solar doesn’t require outside fuel sources, which means that farmers can dramatically increase their income without paying high ongoing costs.

How We Power Agriculture


SunFarmer partners with existing local cooperatives to offer affordable solar water pumping to farmers.

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Solar In Action