SunFarmer at the Clinton Global Initiative

We were honored to be invited for membership to the Clinton Global Initiative this year. CGI convenes leaders to drive action by helping members connect, collaborate, and make effective Commitments to Action. 

Post-earthquake reconstruction of Nepal is a major CGI priority this year, and at the September 27 Annual Meeting, President Bill Clinton himself presented the below video, edited to feature commitments from SunFarmer and our partner, Possible. 

As part of our CGI commitment, SunFarmer plans to oversee the construction of 1.5 MW of solar energy systems over the next three years, generating over ten million dollars’ worth of solar electricity (compared to local diesel prices and calculated over the ten year lifetime of the solar energy system). That is enough electricity to deliver 1.8 million babies in a hospital, or provide 7.3 billion hours of light over a ten year period – an ambitious goal for a country like Nepal that consumes only 0.12 megawatt-hours per capita according to the IEA (the US consumes 12.95 MWh/capita).