The Andrew J. Wild Institute Goes Solar

The Andrew J. Wild Institute is one of the oldest A-Level colleges in Nepal. They offer the rigorous Cambridge International Examinations to prepare students for higher education.

The problem: Constant Load Shedding

AJW wanted to expand to offer Bachelors and Masters degrees, but with constant load shedding, it didn't make sense to invest in the computer labs and other equipment they would need.

Solar is the solution

SunFarmer helped AJW go solar. With an 18kW solar energy system, they can now power all the equipment they need to expand, without fear of load shedding.

SunFarmer Technology

We built this system with specialized electronics, designed to improve energy production by coordinating solar with other energy sources, and reducing transmission losses.

Best of all, the Institute has by-passed diesel generators and the reliance on dirty and expensive fuel. The next time a fuel shortage strikes, AJW students will continue studying right through it.