Waking up in Kathmandu

As the city awoke my first morning in Kathmandu I was serenaded by the sounds of barking dogs, motorbikes and loud men on bikes assumingly trying to sell things.  Any negative feelings this caused were immediately washed away as I sat up and saw the city for the first time.

It was nearly sensory overload as I gazed upon the seemingly infinite buildings and trees, all uniquely colored and shaped.  I smiled, snapped a photo and whispered “this will do.”  Ivan and I cooked up eggs, oats and strong black coffee for breakfast.  He explained that we need to be very frugal with our natural gas use due to the fuel shortage.  Once our tank runs dry there would likely not be an option for refueling.  My eyebrows lifted as I said “Wow.  Ok then…” and we set off to the rooftop to enjoy our morning meal with a view.

We walked to the office, navigating what seemed to be the most complex maze of streets, alleys and dirt roads to reach the SunFarmer office.  Here, nestled on an unassuming road stood a beautiful home surrounded by gardens and greenery.  Inside I met my new workmates including Avishek, Marco, Kushal and Swikriti.  I set up my station in what will become my office for the next 7 weeks and got rolling.