Dhading Project

SunFarmer partnered with Practical Action to implement two community-based solar water pumps in Dhading and Makwanpur districts. In Dhading, a single system irrigates 3 hectares of land owned by 20 farmers. Such community-based solar water pumping systems makes water access for irrigation affordable to farmers in mid-hills where there is no grid access and water for irrigation is scarce.

The project is structured in a multi-stakeholder model where Practical Action and Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihoods (RERL)/AEPC provided subsidy, the community made a modest upfront payment and the remaining amount was financed by SunFarmer and Sana Kisan Agricultural Cooperative for 5 years. With SunFarmer’s performance guarantee of the system for 5 years, this model is sustainable and scalable long-term.