Flood Relief Project

In August of 2017, devastating floods affected over 1.7 million people and 461,000 people (91,400 families) have been displaced from their homes in Nepal and destroyed 6 million acres of cropland across Nepal, India, and Bangladesh. Since then, many communities in southern Nepal have struggled to get food and clean water.

SunFarmer has been working with farmers in Saptari since July 2015 and we have heard firsthand about how they have been affected by the floods through our clients. Due to the heavy floods, many people did not have access to food and water. They even had to drink water straight from the flooded river due to lack of an alternative.

SunFarmer raised $5,000 to construct a solar-powered drinking water facility in Kalyanpur VDC, Saptari, Nepal. Our team has installed 750 Wp solar-powered drinking water system, which will enable 40 householdsā€™ people to get reliable access to clean drinking water each day.