Achham, Nepal

Region Population: 3 Million

SunFarmer Investment: $3,290.47 USD

Quarterly Repayment: $102.87 USD

Repayment Terms: 8 Years

"A child was suffocating during the birth, and I had no equipment to aid in the child's birthing. I gave mouth to mouth and by God's blessing the child survived. Often it is difficult, searching for required items in the dark. Most work we have to do on assumptions as we cannot see clearly. With lights we will overcome this and definitely there will be a difference between work done in dark and with light."
-Hattikot Midwife

1.6 kW of solar energy at Hattikot Health Clinic supported by SunEdison, Possible, and the Nepali Government. Solar Energy for Hattikot Health Clinic was also funded by Mariko McDonagh and 177 Indiegogo supporters, including: Zoe Ng, Carolyn Wheeler, Neil and Jayne Stahl, Sara McCracken, Sophia Kim, Jinsook Han, and Ian Gray.: