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Melamchi Ghyang School

Melamchi-Ghyang Secondary School is a public school located in the foothill of Langtang National Park, Nepal. It lies in Helambu VDC of Sindhupalchok district. Most of the people of this region are from the Hyolmo community. They are the Himalayan indigenous people of Nepal. The Hyolmo have poor living conditions; both remote and difficult to access, with little in the way of formal education system. To address this issue Melamchi Ghyang School was established in 1985. As the grid is not very reliable, solar system is only the potential source for electricity in the area. SunFarmer Nepal helped installed 2.52 kWp solar off-grid system in the school. The system will benefit 250 students and 16 teachers to run the classes. The system will also provide electricity for the schools hostel which hosts around 150 students.