Chitlang Drinking and Irrigation Project

SunFarmer Nepal constructed a solar water pumping system in Thaha-9 municipality of Chitlang for drinking water and small irrigation project. The system pumps water from the spring reservoir to an existing distribution tank at a head of 35m. A submersible pump is installed inside a pump house constructed by the community. The system is designed to pump 25,000 LPD and will be stored inside the community distribution tank which can be accessed by the community. The system has helped around 100 households to save at least 3 hours per day which they would have wasted to meet the daily water need.

"We are very satisfied with the solar water pump. We no longer have to spend our whole mornings just to gather water as we have sufficient water now. With the easy accessibility of water we can now focus more in our vegetable farming." – Rajan Balami, Community Focal Person