SEDA Projects-Jumla

Jumla is one of the remote district of the country where majority of the population depend on the agriculture for income. But, the trend has been shifting as most of the youth are migrating to either India or Gulf countries for better opportunities leaving the agriculture on the hands of the old or women. In absence of proper irrigation system community has been dependent on the rains for agriculture.

SunFamer helped installed three solar water lifting system in different location (Dhaulapani-2, Ranka-1) which will lift water from the nearby Tila river to the collection reservoir. Each system is designed to lift 20,000 LPD and will help to irrigate the nearby lands where the local farmers grow their famous apples and vegetables. Altogether, three system will benefit around 110 households and help irrigate 5 hectares of land.

β€œIt seems like a miracle to us. We never had any idea about solar powered irrigation. With the regular availability of water, we are excited to expand apple orchards,” Min Bahadhur Thapa, chairperson of solar pump user committee