Matthew Tolliver

Matthew Tolliver currently leads Business Development at ThinkEco, a NYC-based technology company focused on creating next generation solutions for energy efficiency and demand response applications.  In this role, Matthew works closely with utilities, retail energy providers and partner technology firms to create solutions that both engage customers and optimize energy consumption.

Prior to joining ThinkEco, Matthew was a Recovery Act Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy, helping oversee more than $35 billion in ARRA investment that went to projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Prior to working at the DOE, he served as a United States diplomat, representing the U.S. government in Mexico from 2004 – 2006 and in Saudi Arabia from 2007-2008.  In these roles, Matthew worked on a range of leading U.S. foreign policy efforts, including issues of economic development and energy market access.

Matthew has a BA from the University of Florida and an MBA from Harvard Business School.