April 25: The Earthquake

On April 25, Nepal was struck by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake followed by waves of aftershocks. While we are relieved that our team and projects are safe, the region is in a state of emergency.

Much of Kathmandu’s electric grid is down, and damage to the central power generation - namely, hydroelectric dams - has yet to be assessed. Thousands of city residents are sleeping on sidewalks, in parks, and in cars for fear of further aftershocks. Many lost their homes in the disaster, and other homes suffered severe structural damage. Given the current conditions, many fear an impending epidemic outbreak in Kathmandu.

Outside the city, entire villages were flattened, including rural health clinics and hospitals. Very little aid has made its way to the more remote areas, and the extent of the damage is still unknown.

With over 7,500 reported earthquake injuries and the high likelihood of a health crisis, our current priority is restoring power to the remaining health facilities, and equipping rural medical tents with mobile sources of power and water purification.

The electricity situation was dire even before the earthquake. Medical teams urgently need electricity and clean water to treat the injured and prevent disease outbreak.

We are currently coordinating delivery of mobile power sources and solar water purification equipment into Nepal. Our team is regrouping, and we plan to focus on relief efforts for the foreseeable future. 

Please visit our Earthquake Relief page for more info.