Winning The Great Energy Challenge

We're thrilled to announce that SunFarmer was recently named a winner of National Geographic's 2015 Great Energy Challenge.

National Geographic, in collaboration with a distinguished team of scientists, awards grants each year to "hasten the growth of promising, global energy solutions as a response to climate change, energy resource constraints and environmental limitations."

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Introducing Energy X

We will be using the award to pilot our newest technology: Energy X.

Energy X is the first radically affordable monitoring and control platform for large-scale solar in developing countries. It leverages extensive mobile networks in the developing world by transmitting data via SMS.

This platform will provide a new level of transparency, allowing donors and investors to track real-time data on energy generation and consumption. Improved data and communications will also empower customers to hold installers accountable for maintenance. 

Remote engineers will be able to anticipate technical issues, minimize outages, and extend the longevity of systems size 2kW and above - large enough to power computer labs in schools, medical devices in hospitals, and irrigation for agriculture. 

Learn more about Energy X here.