SunEdison Rural Energy Fund will match donations to SunFarmer during the holidays!

We are thrilled to announce that in celebration of our 501(c)3 status, the SunEdison Rural Energy Fund will match donations to SunFarmer (up to $50,000) this holiday season. The SunFarmer team is working hard to enable reliable and renewable energy at health clinics, schools, and other critical infrastructure that empowers and improves communities in developing countries. Many institutions can't afford the high upfront cost of solar, so SunFarmer fills the gap by providing low cost and long-term financing. But we don’t stop there.

Our solar experts ensure that solar systems are properly installed upfront, and maintained over the long term. Long term technical expertise is critical to ensure that the solar installation performs - and benefits patients, students, and the overall community.

[Srikot HP] Main Building

SunFarmer will be supporting Nyaya Health, which will use SunFarmer funding to install a solar and battery storage system at several health clinics in Nepal such as the one pictured above. We are initially focusing on six health clinics that serve over 65,000 people.

With SunEdison Rural Energy Fund’s matching contribution, donors can double their impact and fund these projects twice as fast -- helping health clinics and schools gain access to reliable, life-saving electricity.

When you donate just $25, SunFarmer receives $50. $50 provides enough electricity to power a vaccine fridge for 2 years!  We hope you'll seize this opportunity. Visit SunFarmer to donate and maximize your support for reliable electricity at health clinics and schools.

Have questions about SunFarmer's work or our holiday matching program? Send them our way at