Co-founders Andy Moon and Jason Gray met in 2009 while working at a major solar energy company, focused on building mega-scale solar power plants in the US, Canada, and Europe. 

At the same time, Andy had been volunteering with Possible Health, an innovative nonprofit that partners with the government of Nepal to deliver high quality, low cost health health care in rural Nepal.

In 2011, the head doctor at Possible called Andy to explain that electricity was the number one challenge at their hospital; they only had a couple of hours of electricity each day, and transporting diesel to such a remote area was expensive and often logistically impossible.

Without reliable electricity, Possible couldn’t provide high quality health care to their patients. A lack of electricity was holding back Possible’s vision, which included a significant hospital expansion and construction of a surgical ward.

We partnered with Avishek Malla, a Nepali entrepreneur and the best solar engineer in the country (he wouldn’t tell you that himself, but it’s true!) to install the first solar energy installation. But we wanted to do more, so Avishek joined us full-time and together we launched SunFarmer Nepal, a Nepali solar energy company dedicated to installing and maintaining world class solar installations in Nepal.

To date, we have installed solar at more than 200 hospitals, schools, businesses and farms in 10 districts of Nepal - and we are just getting started!



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